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Shenzhen Center Construction Management Co., Ltd.

Ten Years of Efforts, to Bring Great Projects

As a part of Genzon Property Group, Genzon Constrution has constructed several “High, sophisticated, hard and exquisite” projects over 10 years. It has built more than 30 projects with 10 million ㎡, including commercial buildings, technology campus, cold storage, exquisite residential, and etc. Its business throughout South China area, Jiangsu, and Shandong, etc. Shenzhen Genzon Construction Management Co., Ltd will keep adhering to the operation principle of “building great projects to promote the Genzon Brand”, and to improve the overall construction professionalism,project quality and core competence of the company.

To Bring High Quality Projects

With ingenuity, Genzon Construction has always followed the Quality First principle over 10 years. By adopting review mechanism and control system in all processes, it tries every effort to eliminate the danger and control the construction error within the minimum limitation. It commits to backup to every detail and ensure the quality from the very beginning.

To Bring Cares in Details

Apart from the strict control in Quality, Genzon Construction also devoted itself in detail to ensure Human are cared. By fully considering the growth of enterprises and spaces, interaction between human and ecosystem, and the reasonability of circulation and space, Genzon Construction will ensure the comfort in using our projects and the future growth of enterprises in our projects.

Shenzhen Genzon Center Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

With Beauty to Bring Leading Value

Not only to apply decoration aesthetics, but also to include modern management system,Not only to do interior finishing, but also to integrate modern art into architect and experience.
After years of development, Genzon Decoration has established an effective management mechanism. The team is growing and aiming to forge a competitive and creative project team. The team includes experienced team members experienced in areas from design to construction and also experienced in high standard and high challenge construction management.

Decoration, to bring warmth to architectures

Genzon Decoration, adhering to value idea of Genzon, “Keep Innovating”, has always put customers first. Adopting innovation as a solution, to keep improve its design ability. It applies its trendy aesthetics into projects, to improve the overall value for the projects, and to bring more warmth into the architectures.

All-chained Control and Management, to Forge Elite Projects

Genzon Decoration, taking design as its lead, adopts multi-level quality system to deliver excellent projects. Applying delicacy management system into interior finishing, Genzon Decoration set control items in each process, ensuring the standardized and detailed management to bring excellent projects.